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The payment deposited in our following ICIC Bank Accounts and intimation given us our phone, SMS, email:-

Ac Name : Aditya Consultancy
Bank’s Name : ICICI Bank
Account No. : 186705500528
A/C Type : Current A/C
Branch : Nandanwan, Nagpur
IFSC Code : ICIC0001867

(Payment should be made by CASH / DD / Cheque in favour of Aditya Consultancy Payable at NAGPUR)

FCRA Registration Procedure

The application will be processed in about 1-3 months.

In the meanwhile, you should continue to use the old bank account for all FCRA transactions. There is no time-limit on processing. The Ministry will inform you of their decision through a new copy of the registration certificate. This will show details of the new bank account. A copy will go to the bank also. Normally, the permission is granted easily, if the reasons are genuine. However, in some cases, the permission may be refused. In such a case, you can not use the new account for FCRA purposes. You should either close it down or use it for some other banking purposes.

Documents to be attached to the form

1. A copy of the initial FCRA registration certificate.
2. Certified True Copy of society's registration certificate.
3. Certified True Copy of Memorandum of Association.
4. Certified True Copy of Governing Body/ Council resolution for transferring FCRA bank account.
5. Copy of latest FC - 3 Return (with en-closures).
6. Letter from the new bank where account is opened confirming details of bank account opened exclusively for foreign contribution.

Filling the application

The Ministry procedure calls for filling an application form for change in the designated Bank Account. The format of the application is given on the last page.

1: Postal Address - Please give the postal address of the functional / administrative office. If giving the address of the registered office, make sure that someone will be there to receive letters etc.
2: FCRA registration details - Fill the registration/ prior permission no. and date.
4: Executive Committee/ Governing Body details  - Details of all the members of theGoverning Body or Board of Trustees should be given. In case of a company, details of Board of Directors should be given.
6: Whether the organization association is functioning as editor, owner, printer or publisher: Even a newsletter for general circulation, containing public news is a 'news paper'.
7 (a) & (b): Association's This clause is meant to prevent such link with another NPOs from getting FCRA registration association or its unit through another NPO. which has been refused registration under the Act or has been prohibited from accepting FC
8 (i) Name and address of Mention the name and address of the the branch of bank: existing as well as the new bank (branch) where the FCRA money will be received.
8 (ii) Bank account Mention the existing as well as the number: proposed bank account number.

NGO Registration
12A & 80G